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Nesodden Brygge

Seaview and two sandy beaches

Nesodden Brygge is beautifully situated down towards the Sørfjorden. Here you have a view of the sea from the living room and the terrace. In the middle of summer, the sun doesn't set until half past ten. Two beautiful sandy beaches close to the cottage with outdoor barbecue and seating areas, and the wonderful Risør archipelago make Nesodden Brygge a little holiday paradise. There are also other great bathing spots nearby. Both Skauholmen, Sagjordet bathing area which is adapted for the disabled, and Breibukta are worth a visit. The cabins do have Wi-Fi.

Nesodden Brygge is a very child-friendly resort with both a ball court, a walking path along the water and play areas. There is also a great playground/ball court in the cabin area. Just down by the beach you will find the jetty and when you come back from a fishing trip you can gut the fish on the fish cleaning table there. You use approx. 30 minutes by boat to Risør, but only 10 minutes by car.

Søndeled is close by and can be reached in a few minutes by boat or car, and there are great swimming spots on the island of Barmen, which lies directly across the fjord from the cabin. Barmen is also a large island that divides Sørfjorden and Nordfjorden. It is possible to take a trip by boat around the entire island.

See also key information about Nesodden Brygge under the pictures.

This is Nesodden Brygge:

  • Sea view from living room and terrace
  • Canoe hire and many other activities at Camp Skarvann - 20 min. by car from the cabin
  • At Camp Skarvann you can also climb and cycle with your own equipment or barbecue, paddle, swim and play.
  • Hiking trails, playground/ball court. Great vantage point with gaphakuk.
  • Terrace with lots of sun. Evening sun until 9.30pm in the summer
  • Wi-Fi included
  • 10 minutes by car to Risør
  • 25 min. by car to the Arendal golf course and Jernverksmuseet (Nes Verk)
  • 1 hour by car to Dyreparken in Kristiansand
  • 10 minutes by car to Den Lille Dyrehage at Brokelandsheia

Right next to the cabin area (4 min. to walk) you will find:

  • Moen Trebåtbyggeri

Bathing facilities:

  • Two sandy beaches close to the cottage (approx. 150m)
  • The docks (For swimmers)
  • Skauholmen - 5 min. with boat
  • Outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts at Jegertunet - 25 min. with car
  • Randvikstranda, Breibukta or Kastellet - 10 min. with car
  • Sagjordet swimming area adapted for the disabled
  • Jettegrytene - 30 min. med bil

On Camp Skarvann (Husaas - 20 min with car) you can find:

  • Climbing wall
  • Canoe rental
  • Lavvu camp
  • Bathing
  • Grilling at the water's edge. Free with your own food and barbecue charcoal
  • Food experiences, hiking terrain and much more...