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Experiences in Risør

for children and adults


Jegertunet lies next door to Øysang Brygge and is open during the summer, usually from St. Hans. Here you will find a great interior design shop, heated swimming pool, restaurant, kiosk and bar.
Here there is also the opportunity for horse riding.

At Jegertunet you will also find tennis courts (asphalt courts). Equipment can be rented from Jegertunet. If there is a queue, let others go after an hour.

There is a short and cozy path from the cabin on Øysang to Jegertunet and after a walk of only 8 minutes you can sit by the pool and enjoy the sun, cold drinks and something good to eat.

Den Lille Dyrehage

Experience an exciting day for young and old at Den Lille Dyrehage.

Visit the meerkats, lemurs, monkeys and crocodiles in Norway's largest rainforest. Do you dare to hold a snake ...? Go home with a diploma as proof!

Den Lille Dyrehage can be found on Brokelandsheia not far from the cabins.

Risør Saltvannsakvarium

Risør saltvannsakvarium is an educational and exciting experience for both children and adults.

The aquarium is specially adapted for children, and has low height and good accessibility. Here you can see the common fish species and much other exciting wildlife from the sea.

The aquarium is located in the center of Risør by Risør Hotel.

Camp Skarvann

Camp Skarvann is only a few minutes from Øysang Brygge. Here you can rent canoes and paddle on idyllic Skarvann which is one of Norway's most beautiful paddle waters. Here you will find a lovely barbecue area and several lavvos. The children can climb in the climbing wall, use the play equipment in nature or they can test their skills at canoeing or SUP boards. Can warmly be recommended for every family with children. 

At the barbecue area outside, everyone is welcome to bring charcoal and grill their own food. If you want an even more eventful day, lavvo with food service can be rented.

Camp Skarvann also offers everything from simple family gatherings and children's birthdays to 80th anniversary and other types of celebrations.

Treat yourself to a day or two at beautiful Skarvann! Call to book a canoe in advance.

Orders are accepted every weekday at 15.00 - 22.00 and the whole weekend on tlf. 945 08 397

See more photos of activities at Camp Skarvann here.

Jettegrytene i Sild

Jettegrytene are perfect for a great day trip. You get there in under an hour from all the cabins and it is a wonderful experience for both children and adults. Jump into Northern Europe's largest natural giant cauldron that is 6 meters in diameter and enjoy the rocks down to the sea.

Stangholmen Fyr

Stangholmen Fyr must be experienced. Here you can enjoy fantastic food in sheltered surroundings with panoramic sea views. Stangholmen lighthouse is located just outside Risør and there is a boat going from the center all day. The boat trip only takes a few minutes. Own boat can also be used.

M/F Øisang

M/F Øisang Timetables and info Øysangferga / badeferga between Øysang and Risør.

The ferry runs every weekday throughout the year except during school holidays. In the summer there are separate timetables and the ferry also runs on the weekends.

Take the ferry from Øysang out to Risøya to swim or into Risør center. Perfect if you are too many to use the boat that accompanies the cabin.

Info and timetables:

Moen Trebåtbyggeri

Moen trebåtbyggeri and two other wooden boat buildings are located together on Moen right next door

Nesodden Brygge. Here you can experience traditional boat building art up close.

Guided tour by appointment.